Link in Bio with Jenny and Alejandro
Jenny and Alejandro ask what’s what.
Danny Lux and Golden Doorbusters
Apr 15, 2024
Sofia Vergara’s Relationship Goes IG...
Tejana Rescues Pacific Castaways
Skating with Danny Lux
Trump Is Sleeping on His Trial
Super Tortillas
Fuerza Regida Faces New Death Threats
Florida Bans Worker Heat Protections
Why is Costco Selling Gold Bars?
Latino Claims Right Wing Press Did Him...
Rizz-less Coachella and the Dark Eclipse
Apr 12, 2024
Did Shakira Silence Her 90s Novela?
Tortilla Doomsday?
Spanish Words From English Names
File Your Taxes for Free
The Truth Behind March Madness
Billionaire Sentenced to Death
The Dark Side of the Eclipse
Festival Fashion Do’s and Don'ts
Coachella Is Over
Armrest Wars and Rihanna’s Habit
Apr 10, 2024
Sister RIRI
Bring Your Own Security
Ex-Dodgers Player Charged With Domestic...
Arizona’s Civil War-era Abortion Ban
Allergy Armageddon
Airplane Armrest Wars
Alejandra Espinoza Gets Real
Bánh Mì Amor
99 Cent Store Woes, Bad Diplomacy and an...
Apr 8, 2024
Mexico vs. Ecuador
Feliz National Empanada Day
R.I.P. 99 Cent Stores
How Dangerous Is It?
Vas a Ver
15-Year-Old Kidnapping Victim Fatally...
Oldest Man in the World Dies in...
Immigration Fees on the Rise
Cardi B’s Nationality Clapback, Cuban...
Apr 5, 2024
Why Does the U.S. Continue to Fund IDF?
Tell Us You’re a Xavi Fan so We Know...
The True Story of 90s Cuban Punks ‘Los...
JLo Rebrands Tour to ‘Greatest Hits’...
7 Aid Workers Killed in Gaza by IDF...
Cardi B Responds to Being Called...
Oregon Recriminalizes Drugs
Netflix Slides Into Your DMs, Florida’s...
Apr 3, 2024
California Raises Fast-Food Worker Wages
Netflix Slides Into Your Facebook DMs
Florida Rules on 6-Week Abortion Ban
Don’t Take Shakira to Barbieland
Rarámuri Runners
‘Queen of 805’ J.Me’s Old-School...
Why The Eclipse Will Ruin Your Week
Anitta Cake and AI’s Mr. Steal Your Girl
Apr 1, 2024
Chiquis Reveals Her Surprising Tour Prep...
Chat GPT Might Steal Your Girl
Peso Pluma and Anitta’s Second Chance?
Who Wants To Be a Billionaire?
AT&T’s Dark Web Data Leak
Situationship or Relationship?
Protect Street Vendors at All Costs
Chicano Batman’s L.A. Recs and the Power...
Mar 29, 2024
A Chicano Batman Summer
Starbucks Recall Coming for the Karens?
The Best Stadium to Get a Hot Dog
Man Gets Pig Kidney Transplant
Purépecha Representation In “The...
Healing Powers of Reggaeton
Adultery Was Illegal This Whole Time?
Bridge Collapse, Online Gambling Surge,...
Mar 27, 2024
DOJ Sues Apple for Smartphone Monopoly
Bota Chugging With DJ Que Madre
Youngest Mayor in Ecuador Killed
What is Sports Betting Doing to Us?
Are you Prozempic or Nozempic?
Baltimore Bridge Collapse
Karol G Concert Chaos, Churr-Oreos, and...
Mar 25, 2024
Bella Dose on How to Slide Into the DMs
Chaos at Karol G’s Caracas Concert
Nicki Nicole Blocks Chisme
Feds Raid Diddy’s Miami and L.A. Homes
Moon Backshots and the Crop Top Epidemic
Mar 22, 2024
Can Latina Indie Artists Exist?
TikTok Beauty Hacks
Crop Tops Cropping Up
The Moon Be Mooning
Stop and Frisk Some More
Undocumented and Packing
Glassdoor Goes Transparent
Nickelodeon Creeps and Graffiti Tower...
Mar 20, 2024
The Tale of Downtown L.A.’s Graffiti...
Elon on Ketamine
Trans Actor Sets Record Straight on Hate
Who Is a Real Bad Bunny Fan?
DNA Tests Show Incest Is Less Rare Than...
‘Squatters’ Be Squatting
Dan Schneider Responds to Exposé
Cubans Protest Amid Food Shortages and...
Sky Babies and Feid’s Avenger Era
Mar 18, 2024
Very Bad Milk
Feds Are Saving the McFlurry
The Man Behind the Hot Cheetos Ban
Baby on Board
Subway Shooter Not Indicted
U.S. Issues Colombia Travel Warning
Lady Lowriders, Dollar Store Rats, and...
Mar 15, 2024
Kid Wins Peso Pluma Tickets For Life
U.S. Congressman Joaquin Castro Explains...
OMG, We Got Baby Miko
Fight For Your (Tenant) Rights
Can’t Pay Off Mother Nature
“Black Mirror” Gets Renewed
Adiós, Dollar Tree
JLo Cancels Concerts
Behind the Wheel
Miami Spring Broke and Tequila Maestras
Mar 13, 2024
Miami: Al Carajo con Spring Break
Are Cardi B and Saweetie Feuding?
Hey There, Delilah
Maestra Distiller
State Immigration Laws Raise Racial...
No More Indoor Cameras in Airbnbs
Bad Bunny Fan or Scam?
Baby Swings Recalled
Oaxacan Wildfires and Boeing's Turbulent...
Mar 11, 2024
What Is Going On With Boeing?
Wildfires Raging in Oaxaca
Latino Fans Mourn Death of “Dragon Ball”...
Adiós, Seasonal Depression
New Documentary “Frida” Tells Her Story...
The Best Oscar Party In Hollywood
Honduras Ex-President Convicted of Drug...
Kate Middleton Faked Her Own Photo?
TSA Agents WFH and Questionable Popcorn...
Mar 7, 2024
“Dune: Part Two”: A Very Sandy, Very Hot...
Trump’s Big Money Woes
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Getting...
TSA Self-Checkout
Isabella Mebarak’s Art For Palestine
U.S. Border Patrol Innovates...
Costco Panty-Droppers, Bad Bunny’s...
Mar 6, 2024
“You Want Things in Bulk, Baby?”
Bad Bunny Is Still On His High-Horse
Guatemalan Farmworker Virgilio Aguilar...
Why are Jalapeños Getting Less Spicy?
Are Becky G and Sebastian Lletget Giving...
Dangerous DM’s
High School Foot Fetish Fundraiser
Money Moves, Temu Tea and Guy Chisme
Mar 4, 2024
The Rock Trademarks WWE Slogans Like...
Are men the biggest chismosos?
How are Temu and Shein so cheap?
Calling All Papis
El Anillo Pa’ Cuando?
Immigrant Who Republicans Targeted for...
Uvalde Father Arrested For ‘Disrupting’...
This Is What (She) Came For
Russian-Linked Hackers Hijack U.S....
Crude Nicknames and Cruda Hacks
Mar 1, 2024
Are Dominican Men Cheaters?
Bitcoin Mania Is Back
Is El Chapo’s Grand Daughter Monster...
Latino Nicknames Aren’t For The Weak
Bichota Airlines Scare
Conspiracies Fly About Kate Middleton
Abortion Pills Coming to Major...
Cruda Hacks For The Soul
Aventura Is Back… Again?
TikTok Ban and Latina Fishing
Feb 28, 2024
Dual Citizen Mayra Pelayo Flexes On Home...
Did This TikToker Go Latina-Fishing?
Florida Social Media Ban
Tom Brady Pass Interference
Kellogg's CEO: Please Eat More Cereal
Leap Year For Dummies
Wendy’s, We Were All Rooting For You
J.Lo Needs Perreo and Sephora Kids Need...
Feb 26, 2024
Does J.Lo’s Music Just Need Perreo?
Sephora Kids: How young is too young for...
Alex Rodriguez Claps Back About His Skin...
Centros de Mesa o de Drama?
Now That’s A Dinger!
Bonsall Bling Ring
U.S. Air Force Member Sets Himself On...
Two Languages = Two Moms?
Alabama’s Bible Babies and Margarita...
Feb 23, 2024
GOP: IVF Embryos are Babies Now
Is Biden’s dog ACAB?
Do traditional Latina cures for acne...
Student Loans, A Story In Many Parts
Do you speak Gen Z?
Why did AT&T lose service?
Hairy Sweaters in Cheap Seats
Feb 21, 2024
Why Warner Bros. Scraps Movies
Expensive Baggage
From Heads to Threads
Best Buy or Worse?
Yolanda’s Oops Defense
Centros de Mesa o de Drama?
El Sereno: Fact or Cap
Why are Bad Bunny tickets not selling?
Killer Cheeses, Rusty Cybertrucks and...
Feb 16, 2024
Why was “This Fool” Canceled?
What if… Immigration is Good, actually?
How did AMLO do?
How To Talk to Cops
Apple Vision Pro Regrets
Listeria Cheese-meh
Peso Pluma Does Vegas, Finding Love and...
Feb 14, 2024
Latino Sex Can Be Better
Surviving The Dating Scene w/ Alexia Del...
Critic of Venezuelan President Maduro...
Ayo Apologizes to JLo
Who shot first Peso or Nicki?
Last Minute Valentine’s Day Hacks &...
Feb 12, 2024
GPT Rizz
Lucha Libre with Lucha Va Voom
Isabella Merced in Madame Web
Our Apple Vision Future and Kobe Forever
Feb 9, 2024
Wine y Queso Cotija? Say Less
Should you get a BBL?
Vanessa Bryant Claps Back At Critics...
Bukele, Favre and Sick-ass Foos
Feb 7, 2024
What does El Salvador Want?
What Do I Look Like?
Why is JOP not in JAIL?
JayZ Standing on Business and Yolanda’s...
Feb 6, 2024
Shitty Jobs
Jay-Z and Taylor Swift at the 2024...
WTF is an Atmospheric River?
Why Latinos are Turning to Brujería
Yolanda’s Story
Housing Crisis & Marketing Wins
Feb 3, 2024
Stanley vs. Hydro Flask vs. Hammers
She’s Got Receipts
Vino, Vidi, Vici
Feb 1, 2024
Corrupt Latino Politicians!
Universal Music Group Leaves TikTok
Trump Vows Holy War on Taylor Swift
Pope Says Wine is God’s Gift to Humanity
Elmo Feels Our Pain
Worst Childhood Nicknames and Sofía...
Jan 29, 2024
A Taqueria Grows in Brooklyn
Can Taylor Swift Time Travel?
Who is Weakening Mexico City’s Salsas?
The Truth Behind Silver Tooth Kids and...
Jan 26, 2024
Raising Bilingual Kids Es Muy Hard
Rauw’s New GF, Trump Catches 91 Charges...
Jan 24, 2024
Trump’s 91 Criminal Cases
Eugenio Derbez Hates Conchas, Sophia...
Jan 23, 2024
Eugenio Derbez on Pan Dulce and...
Griselda Facts, Heirs and Errors
Viral Bad Boys, Latina Mom Hoarders and...
Jan 22, 2024
Five Latin Acts to Catch at Coachella...
Fast Food Franchises Put Kids in the...
Teens on Pot, Rosalia’s Real Rose and...
Jan 22, 2024
Why Biden Got SCOTUS To Let Border...
Some Teens Smoking More Potent Pot Get...
The Real Mexican Fresas
How to Say Dude in Every Spanish...
Winning Accents, Boricua Burgers and the...
Jan 12, 2024